Markforged Mark Two (Demo 3D Printer)


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    Markforged Mark Two Demo

    The Mark Two is a compact printer that is capable of producing lightweight components that are stronger than aluminium.

    Markforged offer a variety of printing materials that are fire and electrical resistant, which can also be reinforced with a selection of fibers. Check out the materials here.



    Markforged 3D printer specifications

    Printer Details


    Printing Process:                   Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFR)
    Layer Height:                          100-200 μm
    Print Bed:                                Precision Ground Composite
    Build Volume:                        320 x 132 x 154 mm
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    Markforged Mark Two produces strong, high-quality industrial parts

    Strong, Quality Parts

    The Markforged Mark Two can produce parts that far exceed the mechanical properties of other engineering materials, such as aluminium.

    The Mark Two printer produces visually aesthetic parts that are suitable for the end user. Components are made with a professional, matted grey finish.

    Markforged Mark Two can use a wide range of materials to print outstanding parts

    Range of Materials

    The Mark Two uses the latest Composite Filament Fabrication (CFF). It prints a design in a base material, Nylon or Onyx, which can then be reinforced with either:

    Markforged Mark Two is ideal for home environments


    The Markforged Mark Two printer produces industrial grade parts all from a small compact unit.

    The printer is small, lightweight and doesn’t produce any toxic fumes. This makes the Mark Two ideal for use in a domestic or home environment.

    Markforged Mark Two comes with an All Set to Go package

    All Set to Go

    When you purchase a Mark Two it comes with all the equipment and material to start printing straight away. Each purchase of the Mark Two will come with:

    Access to slicing software

    Material (Onyx, Carbon Fibre, Fibre Glass and Kevlar)

    Build plate, nozzle, bowden tube etc.

    Accessories bag (scrapper, spare parts, tools etc.)

    Markforged Mark Two is an easy-to-use machine

    Easy to Use

    Top quality parts are easy to achieve. The Mark Two has a simple slicing software that is available online, there’s no need to download anything. Operating the Mark Two is simple, with easy to use touch screen display which helps with instructions, timing, material, maintenance etc.

    With the Mark Two it’s easy to refill or swap material, and has a detachable ceramic build plate to allow easy removable of your printed part.

    Markforged Mark Two is a reliable and impressive-looking machine


     The engineering and quality of the build means that, not only is the Mark Two an impressive looking machine, but it consistently produces impressive looking parts.

    With the Mark Two you can set it to print an item overnight and be confident that in the morning you will be greeted with a sleek, mechanically strong part.

    Markforged Mark has wide variety of settings for printing your designs

    Product Iteration

    The Mark Two has a variety of setting which can be changed to alter; the speed of the print, the strength, the finish and to add in metal inserts etc.

    This means, you the designer, have more flexible and freedom to build, print and test your designs. Employing the Mark Two as a design tool creates for better and fast product iteration.

    Markforged Mark Two (Demo 3D Printer)
    Print bed
    Print bed
    Strong, ceramic build plate ensures parts are both accurate and have a good surface finish
    Fibre Spool
    Fibre Spool
    Increase the strength of your parts using carbon fibre reinforcement
    Print Head
    Print Head
    A state of the art printer head that can produce a multi-material product to the finest of details

    Media Library

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    Microsoft   FedEx   Hyundai   Amazon   Disney       Bentley         Bosch      Philips   Airbus       Harley Davidson

    Why Use Solid Print3D?


    Technology:  Continuous fiber reinforcement (CFR)

    Z layer resolution:  100 – 200 microns

    Power requirements:  100-240V 150W

    Plastic available:  Onyx, Nylon White

    Fibers available:  Carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar®, HSHT fiberglass

    Printer dimensions:  584 x 330 x 355 mm

    Build volume:  320 x 132 x 154 mm

    Weight:  16 kg

    Connectivity:  Wifi, USB and Ethernet

    Print bed:  Precision ground composite

    What's Included

    • 800 cm³ Onyx
    • 50 cm³ Fibreglass
    • 100 cm³ Carbon Fibre
    • 50 cm³ Kevlar®
    • 50 cm³ HSHT Fiberglass
    • 1 x Pelican case dry box
    • 1 x Markforged True Bed Print Bed
    • 3 x CFF Nozzles
    • 3 x FFF Nozzles
    • Access to slicing software (Eiger)



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