Markforged 800cm3 Nylon White Filament Spool


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800cm3 Nylon White Filament Spool – Markforged

800cm3 Nylon White Filament Spool

Markforged’s 800cm3 Nylon White Filament Spool is a high strength material which, unlike Onyx, is 100% nylon containing no chopped fibre unlike Onyx. Compared to its predecessor, Tough Nylon, there have been various improvements that make Nylon White Filament a suitable composite material.

Firstly, Nylon White filament has an improved smoothness compared to its predecessor, meaning that you can print your parts expecting them to both look good and be stronger. Additionally, Nylon White also features a higher level of tensile strength compared to Tough Nylon. It is compatible with all reinforcement fibres such as Kevlar, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass and HSHT Fibreglass. Additionally, the same print head as is used to print Onyx call also be used to print Nylon White.

The reinforcement of Nylon White with continuous fibres such as Fibreglass acts to strengthen and stiffen the parts that you are printing considerably. With the correct amount of continuous fibre in your print, the outputted part can show levels of tensile strength equivalent to that of 6061 aluminium.

This material is supported by two of the of Markforged printers, specifically: the Markforged Mark Two and the Markforged X7. With these printers in your printing portfolio, your capabilities are endless.


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