Markforged Mark Two STD/Pro Print Head


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Mark Two STD/Pro Print Head – Markforged

Mark Two STD/Pro Print Head

The Markforged Mark Two (formerly Mark Two Enterprise) has a complex print head. It features a dual-extruder setup and two dedicated nozzle systems. One system is dedicated to printing nylon; the other is dedicated to printing a composite material. The head mechanism itself is a robust and hardy part, however it is not indestructible and may become damaged if mishandled.

Replacing the Print Head In the event that your print head becomes damaged and Markforged’s warranty will not cover you, the only option you have is to buy a new print head (it’s important to point out that if your print head has malfunctioned, Markforged may replace it if it can be shown that the malfunction is the result of a genuine manufacturing fault).

About the Print Head The print head for sale on this page is a replacement head for the Mark Two model. The Mark Two head has an uprated extruder capable of printing materials with a heat deflection temperature of 140°C. It is only with this print head that you can print with high-temp fibreglass and Onyx. If you need a new print head for a different model, please contact us


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