Innofil PRO1 1.75mm – 750g


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Innofil PRO1 1.75mm – 750g – Innofil

Innofil PRO1 1.75mm – 750g

Innofil PRO 1 is a composition of swift thermoplastic intended to print at comparative settings to PLA. PRO 1 offers improved and advanced properties to give a multi-reason, increasingly vigorous fibre. Due to the substance made up of Innofil 3D Pro 1, printing speed is expanded to 30%-80% than a regular PLA, with consistent print execution.

Why you should choose Innofil PRO1 -1.75mm-750g?
• Professional series
• Reduced printing time to 30%-80%
• Excels ABS in mechanical properties
• Can be tuned towards blazing speed
• Excellent surface finish
• Truly consistent
• Brilliant performance
• High heat resistance
• No unpleasant smell & shrinkage problems


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