Innofil InnoSolve Fiament – 1.75mm – 500g – Natural


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Innofil InnoSolve Filament Natural – 1.75mm – 500g – Innofil

Innofil InnoSolve Natural – 1.75mm – 500g

Innofil InnoSolve Natural – 1.75mm – 500g (Polyvinyl Alcohol compound) is incredible reasonable for printing bolster structures in complex PLA & PET prints on double or triple headed 3D FDM printer. Unlike PLA, InnoSolve breaks down medium-term in cold or warm water or in the dishwasher. InnoSolve is not harmful to the atmosphere. It is 100% biodegradable and unscented filament. To keep it from getting sticky place this filament in a fixed pack or compartment. It has a natural yellow white shading.
Why you should choose Innofil InnoSolve Natural-1.75mm-500g?
• Suitable for complex prints
• Water soluble
• 100% biodegradable
• Eco-friendly


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