Innofil Innoflex 60 – Natural – 2.85mm – 500g


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Innofil Innoflex 60 – Natural – 2.85mm – 500g – Innofil

Innofil Innoflex 60 – Natural – 2.85mm – 500g

The Innoflex 60 is recognized by better flexibility and unique yield materials. Printing is flexible to a specific level with Innoflex 60. Due to advancement in manufacturing process, ideal printing results are ensured consistently. Unlike printing with ABS filaments, a heated bed is not compulsory as this material compresses less during cooling and distorting is less essential.
Why you should choose Innofil Innoflex 60 -2.85mm-500g?
• Meets the highest European quality standards
• Brilliant printing properties
• High diameter accuracy
• No unpleasant odour during printing
• High flexibility
• 45D shore hardness
• excellent Z-axis adhesion and excellent deformation resistance
• water soluble filament
• excellent Z-direction adhesion


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