Innofil Innoflex 40 Filament – 2.85mm – 500g


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Innofil Innoflex 40 – 2.85mm – 500g – Innofil

Innofil Innoflex 40 – 2.85mm – 500g

Innoflex is an adaptable, rubberlike elastomer material with various dimensions of solidness. Shore hardness of 40D is bio-based Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC) plastic which is got from the best properties of elastomers and polyesters. The material conveys superb bond in the Z-bearing, implying that the printed layers don’t segregate – even with outrageous deformation.
Innoflex 40 is especially flexible for printing adaptable parts like smaller than normal tires, drive belts, wrist trinkets and parts that must be amazingly adaptable and must be bowed frequently.

Why you should choose Innofil Innoflex 40 2.85mm-500g?

>Brilliant printing properties
>Compatible with most FDM 3D printers
>Superb bond in Z-bearing
>40D shore scale
>No heated bed required


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