Innofil Inno FR Filament – 2.85mm – 500g


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Innofil Inno FR – 2.85mm – 500g – Innofil

Innofil Inno FR – 2.85mm – 500g

The Innofil 3D InnoFR is truly reliable because of higher imperviousness to fire. The InnoFR fibres are as per the UL 94 Provision of a HB order. This affirmation influences the InnoFR to be utilized as a decent option. The InnoFR is portrayed by an extremely reasonable execution and is appropriate both for home use and requesting models. The professional use verifies the fibre by its temperature and dimensional stability.
Why you should choose Innofil InnoFR-2.85mm-500g?
o Fire-resistant
o Brilliant printing results
o Compatible with 3D FDM printers
o Highly safe
Suitable for industrial applications


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