Innofil HIPS Filament – Professional Series (1.75mm) 750g – Natural


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Innofil HIPS Natural – Professional Series – 1.75mm –750gr – Innofil

Innofil HIPS Natural – Professional Series – 1.75mm –750gr

Innofil3D HIPS is a top notch designing thermoplastic and outstanding in the 3D-printing industry as a help material for ABS. HIPS fibre is an extraordinary material to use as a help for ABS since it breaks down in D ‘limonene. This 3D printing material nearly does not recoil, gives all prints a matte completion and is broadly utilized in model structure. With this light weight material, your prints will have a lovely matte completion.
Why you should choose Innofil HIPS Natural – Professional Series – 1.75mm –750gr?
• Dimensional stability
• High impact resistance
• Less shrinkage & easy bonding
• Used as both base & support material
• Matte appearance


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