Innofil EPR InnoPET Filament (1.75mm) – 750g


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Innofil EPR InnoPET – 1.75mm – 750g – Innofil

Innofil EPR InnoPET – 1.75mm – 750g

EPR InnoPET is an excellent 3D printing fibre produced using sustenance endorsed PET (PolyEthylene Terepthtalate). PET is broadly utilized for sustenance compartments and drink bottles. It is developed with best in class generation machines having precise measurements and no deformed parts. The fibre falls of the reel neatly and easily with no fragile spots and no sticking. A solid durable model is printed each time due to layer’s adhesion even if you are printing for a week.

Why you should choose EPR InnoPET-1.75mm-750g?

o Stronger than PLA and ABS
o Advance manufacturing process
o 100% recycled
o low shrinkage


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