Formlabs White Pigment


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Formlabs White Pigment

Use White Pigment to alter the colour of your colour base. Plenty of pigment so it can be used multiple times and it comes with an easy to use syringe.

Compatible with Form 2, 3 and 3B

Click here for the Formlabs Colour Kit Datasheet

Colour Kit colour range 2

No Finishing, Panting or Sanding

Achieve a professional, glossy surface finish in any colour of your choice. 3D printed parts are produced to a quality suitable for end use.

Easy to Use

The colour Kit comes with a syringe. Simply exact the volume of pigment you want, add it to the colour base and shake well to ensure the pigment is thoroughly mixed in. There are no complications, no settings to be changed on the printer and no new tooling required.

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