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Formlabs IBT Resin


IBT Resin is used to print Indirect Bond Trays, a Bond Tray is a tool used to hold braces in place while they are adhered to the patients teeth. Adopting this dentistry style reduces human error and it reduces chair time for the patient.

Resin Tank LT (Form 2) and Resin Tank V2.1 (Form 3B). Not suitable for use with the Form 3

Click here to view the Formlabs IBT Resin Datasheet


IBT Resin making a bond tray

Perfect results

Implementing the Bond Tray in the process of fitting braces ensures perfect results every time. The process works by scanning the patients mouth, selecting where to add the braces and then printing a mould to hold the braces in this exact location. The process is automated and ensures good results.

Quick and Safe

Adopting Formlabs makes the process of fitting braces a lot quicker, reduces chair time and reduces human error. Because the mould is designed from a scan of the patients teeth, it has great accuracy.

IBT Resin holding the braces

Tear Away

IBT Resin is a tasteless and odourless material, making it suitable to be used in patients mouths. The material is also flexible and tear-able, once the braces are fitted the bond tray can be easily removed.

Easy to Set-up

Adopting Formlabs printing into the medical practice is an easy process, Solid Print3D also offer training and support to help you become comfortable and self-sufficient with 3D printing.

For more information on the process click here

IBT Resin Dental

The Process

Scan the patients mouth

Reverse engineer the scan to create a mould to hold the braces in place

Print the mould

Use the mould to hold the braces in place in the patients mouth

Use UV light to cure the glue, allow the braces to set in place and peel away the mould.

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