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The Formlabs Form Cure is used to enhance the post-curing of Formlabs 3D prints by precisely controlling lights, internal temperature and time. Form Cure uses 405 nanometers light along with a heating system that achieve temperature setting perfect for the properties of the printed parts. It provides smooth and faster prints with a focus on fine details.


Post curing is not necessary for all resins, but the Formlabs Form Cure is required for improves the performance of all Formlabs equipment, especially the resins that require distinct mechanical properties.


Due to its professional post-curing, parts are fully cured and made ready for their peak performance. Form Cure combines UV lights and heat to make sure you get the best results following your 3D prints.


An advanced heating system precisely controls the temperature based on the parmeters entered by the user;it also boasts 13 multi-directional LEDs emits UV rays at the finest 405 nm for the perfect printed parts. Prints are also rotated one revolution per minute due to its turntable that?s provides uniform exposure.

Responsible for all resins:

Formlabs form cure has dramatically improved the performance of all printed materials, standard resin increases in strength, engineering resins reach peak performance, and castable resins burn out all more clearly. It is compatible with a variety of materials as well.

Easy to use:

The form cure is very easy to use as it has its own digital interface, along with pre-programmed settings. The default setting is suitable for standard resin, and the specialist resins have also specific recommended settings. Form cure has it quick start guide straight from its box which talks you through the various settings.




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