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Formlabs Colour Base – Formlabs

Formlabs Colour Base

The Colour Base resin is a cartridge based resin for use with the Colour Kit for the Form 2. The Colour Base resin is white with an opaque matt finish. It is the only resin that can be used with the pigments.

Simply follow these 4 easy steps to get your desired colour:

1. – Choose a recipe from the Formlabs colour recipe book.

2. – Add the appropriate pigments to your base resin cartridge.

3. – Shake your base resin cartridge vigorously, turning it over occasionally to ensure it all mixes properly.

4. – Insert your cartridge into the Form 2 and print as normal.

Form X is Formlabs’ experimental product platform. Form X showcases innovative tools, materials, and approaches, for advanced users who want to explore the boundaries of what’s possible with desktop stereolithography (SLA).


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