Filamentive rABS 2.85mm 750g


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Filamentive rABS 2.85mm 750g – Filamentive

Filamentive rABS 2.85mm 750g

The Filamentive rABS is in reality just 60% ABS, making it less significant on the earth. The material has negligible distorting, just as incredible grip – both interlayer and to the warmed bed. Containing just 60% ABS does not bargain its mechanical properties; Filamentive rABS has upgraded quality contrasted with standard ABS. The perfect material in the event that you require solid, lightweight parts, that are sway safe.

Why you should choose Filamentive rABS 2.85mm 750g?

• Greater strength then regular ABS
• Minimal warping
• Excellent adhesion of layers
• Contains 60% ABS
• Lightweight parts
• Toughness
• Negligible distorting


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