DSM Novamid Unfilled PA6/66 Filament (2.85mm) – 1KG


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DSM Novamid Unfilled PA6/66 Filament – DSM – 2.85mm, 1Kg

DSM Novamid ID 1030 Unfilled PA6/66 (2.85mm) – 1KG

The DSM Novamid material is the solution for 3D printing which allows for you to print parts which look indistinguishable from injection moulded parts. The material is open source, meaning that it is not limited to any specific 3D printer, giving you the open opportunity to bring this material into your manufacturing process. DSM Novamid material is a pure polyamide 6/66 and was developed especially for demanding, bespoke applications where the parts will be exposed to harsh environments and high levels of heat of up to 125°C. The Novamid material is optimised to be 3D printed, with a large amount of unique properties; including incredible rigidity and ductility; making it perfectly applicable for use in transportation, sports and electronics. The optimised crystallisation profile improves the fusion of the material during printing, which enables parts to have excellent strength between layer as well as high surface quality. Overall, this material is incredibly well suited for applications where a highly durable material is required, with a good surface finish in addition to good mechanical properties which will ensure its performance, whatever the application. This product is available in three colours: black, green and white.


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