DSM Arnite PETP Filament (2.85mm) – 1KG


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DSM Arnite PETP Filament – DSM – 2.85mm, 1Kg

DSM Arnite PETP (2.85mm) – 1KG

The DSM Arnite provides higher heat resistance to your 3D printing, alongside incredible dimensional stability and outstanding levels of strength with brilliant processing characteristics. Arnite is one of the few PET filaments on the market at the moment and can be used for various applications; such as for goods connectors and automotive sensors. Arnite 3040 is an open source material, meaning that it is not constricted to being used on any specific 3D printer. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) makes for a brilliant 3D printing material, due to its high melting point and high tensile resistance, meaning that it warps less under stress. This characteristic additionally provides a higher level of strength in your 3D prints, bringing the opportunity to use Arnite for a wider range of applications. Compared to other PETG materials, PETP has a higher melting point and lower moister intake, enabling you to print higher accuracy parts at higher temperatures with lower warpage and higher levels of strength.. The most important characteristic of DSM Arnite PETP is not simply that it will innovate your manufacturing process, but it is instead the fact that it is recyclable and is kind to the planet.


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