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Formlabs Draft Resin


The Formlabs Draft Resin V2 is part of the engineering family of resins for Formlabs SLA 3D Printers. Draft Resin V2 is one of the fastest-printing Formlabs resin, this makes it ideal for product iteration and testing.

Draft Resin V2 is the new, improved version of the Drat Resin V1

Requires a Resin Tank LT for the Form 2

Click here to view the Formlabs Draft V2 Resin Datasheet

Draft resin V2, formlabs, SLA printing

Short print times

Draft Resin V2 prints layers at a thickness of 100-200 microns, this is almost twice as thick as other resins in the Formlabs range. As a result parts can be printed up to 4 times quicker than other resins in the Standard Formlabs range.

No Post-Curing

The component, once printed, does not demand any further post-process curing. It’s mechanical and visual properties are suitable for it’s intended use; product iteration and development.

Draft resin V2, formlabs, SLA printing

Surface Finish and Colour

Draft Resin V2 produces components quickly however unlike it’s previous version, Draft V1, it produces accurate parts with a smooth surface finish. The colour of the printed part is Grey, whereas Draft Resin V1 produces parts in blue.


The tensile strength and Young’s Modulus of parts printed with Draft Resin V2 are strong enough to withstand everyday applications.

Draft Resin V2, Formlabs, SLA, 3D printing

Post Processing

Post curing Draft Resin V2 parts is not necessary. However, if you demand greater mechanical properties from your printed part, you can cure it to improve it’s tensile strength and decrease elongation.


Quicker print times, minimal need for post curing and good mechanical properties make Draft Resin V2 allow for large prints to completed and iterated in a single day.

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