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Formlabs Denture Base Resin


Formlabs Denture Base Resin is used alongside the Formlabs Teeth Denture Resin to create long lasting dentures, without all the hassle. Denture Base Resin is a used to create wear-resistant, biocompatible denture bases at a fraction of the cost.

Denture Teeth Resin is used to create the teeth elements to dentures.

Resin Tank LT (Form 2) or Resin Tank V2.1 (Form 3) are required for printing with Custom Tray Resin.

Compatible with the Form 3B and Form 2

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Multiple Colours

The Formlabs Denture Base Resin comes in 4 generic colours (Light Pink, Original Pink, Dark Pink, Red Pink). There is a colour to suit the aesthetic of any potential client that visits your dental practice.

High Quality and Long Lifetime

Denture Base Resin prints at a layer height of 50 microns, allowing highly accurate models to be printed. Highly accurate models give dentists the ability to create dentures that fit comfortably and tight to their clients gums.

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Medical Process

Denture Base Resin is biocompatible and is specially designed so that it can be sterilised with instruments that are already found in dental practices. Formlabs offer a variety of material and information on how to use Denture Base Resin to create realistic looking dentures, find more by clicking here

Reduce Cost

Adopting Formlabs SLA printers and digital denture resin into your workflow can reduce patient wait times massively, dentures can be created on the same day as their appointment. Using Formlabs printers reduces dental practices dependency on secondary suppliers, which reduce costs overall.

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