Creaform Go!SCAN 3D

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    A highly reliable, accurate and lightweight 3D Scanner which anyone can use to gain high detailed 3D scans of normal or free-form parts. The GoSCAN! 3D is incredibly easy to use, is light and compact and is perfect for measuring parts that have been too inconvenient to measure beforehand. The Go!SCAN 3D can generate 3D designs from your measurements, making your design and manufacturing process more convenient.


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    With a accuracy of up to 0.050mm and a resolution of up to 0.100mm, the Go!SCAN 3D is an incredible handheld scanner to your 3D measurement needs.


    The Go!SCAN 3D also weighs only 1.54kg, meaning that it can be used to reach areas that are usually difficult to measure; making the Go!SCAN 3D one of the most usable portable scanners on the market.


    The Go!SCAN 3D is able to capture measurements at such a speed that its users do not have to commit large amounts of time to measuring; instead, they can save time whilst retaining high levels of accuracy.

    What's Included

    • Creaform GoSCAN!3D


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