Carbon M2



The Carbon M2 is specifically designed for highly intricate products which have complex threads or internal channels. The M2 printer has a build volume twice the size of it’s older model, the M1, but retains the same high standard of accuracy.

A variety of resins are available with the M2 printer, meaning you can create any product for any demand.

What’s Included

Build Platform

Resin Starter Pack

Safety and Cleaning accessories

Carbon Design Engine Software

Fleet Management Software

Window Cassettes

Good size build volume ideal for prototyping

189 x 118 x 326 mm

Want a bigger volume? Check out the L1

The M2 is a small compact unit that creates highly intricate products. It’s ideal for prototyping and product development.

XY Resolution: 75 µm

Z Resolution: 100 µm, 50 µm, or 25 µm

Accuracy: ±200 µm

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No limitations to the Carbon printer 2

Design without Limitations


The capabilities of the M2 printer give you, the designer, more freedom in your design process. The printer can produce good sized parts, with the finest of details, without shape constrictions in a wide variety of materials.

Adopting the M2 in your design process reduces the risks of testing and experimenting, meaning you can develop your product quicker

The Future of Mass Production with Carbon 3D

Achieve Engineering Levels of Accuracy


The M2 printer is the most accurate printer in the Carbon range and is one of the most accurate resin printers on the market. Don’t waste your time investing in quality control and testing because with the M2 printer you can achieve results suitable for mechanical and medical uses.

Reliability with Carbon Printers

Industry Leading Reliability


Carbon has been proven reliable in even the toughest environments for both  prototyping and mass production. Carbon printers are all linked wireless to allow for predictive maintenance, routine updates and industry-leading servicing (at no additional cost).

Carbon printers also come with managing software where manufacturing can plan the most efficient way to increase output, manage prints, queue prints and regulate quality control.

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