Carbon L1


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    Carbon L1

    The Carbon L1 3D Printer is one of the fastest resin printer on the market. Standard SLA printers use a singular laser to map out the same of each layer, this printer is unique as it uses a projector to to emit the cross section in one flash.

    Because the layers are formed so quickly and the Z-axis moves in an almost continuous motion making the layers impossible to see on the final product.

    What’s Included

    Carbon Design Engine Software

    Fleet Management Software

    Window Cassettes

    Build Platform

    Resin Starter Pack

    Safety and Cleaning accessories


    The largest build volume out of the Carbon 3D range:

    400 x 250 x 508 mm

    Ideal for consistent, high volume production of large parts or many small parts

    XY Resolution: 160 µm

    Z Resolution: 100 µm, 50 µm, or 25 µm

    Accuracy: ±300 µm

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    No limitations to the Carbon printer 2

    Design without Limitations


    The capabilities of the L1 printer give you, the designer, more freedom in your design process. The printer can produce large parts, with the finest of details, without shape constrictions in a wide variety of materials.

    Not worrying about the manufacture means you can unleash your true creativity.

    The Future of Mass Production with Carbon 3D

    Defining the Future of Mass Production


    The L1 printer is redefining mass production. Say goodbye to large, expensive machinery and say hello to the new and versatile production.

    Integrating the L1 into your production process allows the product to be continually improved and modified, products are only printed once there is a demand and storing thousands of finished products is no longer needed.

    Reliability with Carbon Printers

    Industry Leading Reliability


    Carbon has been proven reliable in even the toughest environments for both  prototyping and mass production. Carbon printers are all linked wireless to allow for predictive maintenance, routine updates and industry-leading servicing (at no additional cost).

    Carbon printers also come with managing software where manufacturing can plan the most efficient way to increase output, manage prints, queue prints and regulate quality control.

    Media Library

    Why Use Solid Print3D?


    Print Engine:  Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP)

    Build Container Volume:  400 x 250 x 460 mm

    Resolution:  160 µm

    General Accuracy:  Up to ±70 μm + 1 μm per mm dimension size

    Connectivity:  USB, Ethernet

    XY; Z Resolution:  160 µm; 25, 50, or 100 µm

    Production Repeatability Accuracy:  Up to ±40 μm



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