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BCN3D W27 and Smart Cabinet Bundle


Achieve high quality prints and an efficient workflow with this fully integrated unit. The W27 is a large scale printer that produces professional looking prints from a wide variety of materials. The W27’s large range of materials is perfectly supported by the Smart Cabinets ability to store and preserve up to 8 different materials.

If you are looking for a similar integrated 3D printer but with a bigger build volume check out the W50 SC.

If you would like to purchase the W27 printer without the Smart Cabinet click here.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet in use with the w50 and w27

Large, Quality Prints

With a build volume of 420 x 300 x 220 mm the BCN3D W27 can produce large parts. Design freely knowing that your the BCN3D W27 will not restrict the quality or size of your designs. If you wish for a bigger print volume have a look at the W50 SC.

Dual extruder

The BCN3D W27 is fitted with two extruders. Having two extruders allows for two different materials to be used on the same print, this allows for parts to have water soluble supports which can be dissolved away. The BCN3D W27 also has a mirroring feature. The two extruders can print identical parts at the same time, doubling productivity.

BCN3D mirroring feature

Range of materials

The BCN3D W27 has an ever-expanding range of materials, each material is individually engineered to ensure maximise results in each print. Never feel restricted when designing because BCN3D have a material for every application.

IDEX Hotends

BCN3D IDEX hotends sizes range from 0.3mm to 1.0mm allowing you to get the best finish and accuracy needed for your part. The Epsilon range are compatible with the Hotend X for printing with industrial materials. allowing you to create stronger and stiffer parts.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet material storage and display

Smart Cabinet

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet is included in the bundle. The benefits of using the Smart Cabinet:

  • Are that materials life span is increased, the quality of prints is higher and less print failures occur.
  • All materials are storage neatly
  • Portability of the unit is improved
  • Backup power mode: If there is a power surge the Smart Cabinet can supply enough power to continue the print for 2 minutes. This allows the extruder to return home, once power is restored the print can continue from where it stopped.

For further information check out the Smart Cabinet here.

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