AM Efficiency CCP-2 SLS post processing station

AM Efficiency

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AM Efficiency have developed the market leading post-processing, de-powdering solution for SLS 3D Printing. AM Efficiency optimises speed, cost and versatility to transform ‘print to product’.

No need to invest in separate units for for different processes, just use the relevant media for your application.

  • To clean parts – use “cleaning media” together with the pre-set cleaning program.
  • To get a dark grey, even colour on your parts – switch to the “cleaning and colouring” blasting media.
  • For delicate parts, where surface quality is important – after dying or cleaning, switch to “polishing media” and start polishing program to achieve a glossy shining surface.

How long will each of the medias last and after how many cycles will it need replacing?

The media will last for 20-30 batches. Depending on the size of the batch, and geometry of the parts. When the media is warn out, it will take longer to process the parts.


Compatible with: Formlabs Fuse



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