Markforged 50cm3 Kevlar CFF Filament Spool


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50cm3 Kevlar CFF Spool – Markforged

50cm3 Kevlar CFF Spool

With a purchase of the 50cm3 Markforged Kevlar CFF Spool, you are provide with a tough, lightweight material which is able to bend further than any other fiber, making it ideal for 3D printing.

Additionally, Kevlar is 8x more impact resistant than ABS printed parts, despite remaining 15-20% lighter than the other reinforcement fibres available on our store. In comparison to these other materials, parts reinforced with Kevlar can withstand forces of up to 2000 J/M compared to Onyx which resists up to 600 J/M.

In three point bending, Kevlar is 3x stronger than ABS an 6x stronger than Nylon, with the ability to withstand up to 190 MPa of force.

Flexural Stiffness is another medium in which Kevlar shines; with parts being 12x more rigid than their ABS counterparts and 30x more rigid than nylon parts.

The best time to print with a 50cm3 Kevlar CFF Spool is when your parts are expected to take a beating. Due to its low density and high durability, Kevlar makes a great option for applications which involve a lot of motion or interfacing with other production parts. Examples of use cases include end effectors, soft jaws, cradles and end use parts.

Dixon Valve uses Kevlar CFF Spool in their manufacturing reinforced grippers for industrial robots which transfer fittings between machining centres. Due to the toughness of kevlar and low density, the materials makes for lightweight jaws which are able to withstand the pressures of repeated clampings.

– Possesses excellent durability
– Optimal for parts with repeated & sudden loading
– As stiff as fiberglass & more ductile
– HIgh impact resistance
– Bright yellow in color
– Compatible: Mark Two & X7


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