FDM & Additive Manufacturing Training Manuals

2x 3D Printing Training Manuals (PDF's)

£45.00 ex. VAT

£45.00 incl. VAT



FDM & Additive 3D Printing Training Manuals

Get both of our Solid Print 3D Training Manuals for £50 and learn how to get the best 3D Printing Results.

FDM Manual – This training manual teaches users how to get the best results from their FDM style printer. The content is generic across our various FDM printers and will help users understand nozzle temperature, material properties, infill, skin thickness, overhand, support structures, rafts and many other topics to ensure you get your prints right-first-time.

Design for Additive Manufacturing Training Manual – Our Design for Additive Training manual teaches users how to design products in CAD for manufacture/ prototype by 3D Printing. It will help you understand the capabilities of 3D Printing machines, how to design for optimism printing time & quality. The manual covers latticing, undercuts, topology optimisation & many other topics to speed up & improve your 3D Printing.


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