Markforged 150cm3 High Temp Fiberglass CFF Filament Spool


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150cm3 High Temp Fiberglass CFF Spool – Markforged

150cm3 High Temp Fiberglass CFF Spool

150 cm3 HSHT (High Strength High Temp) Fiberglass CFF Spool

The Markforged High Temp Fiberglass CFF spool provides material with the highest impact resistance and highest heat deflection temperature of all of Markforged continuous fibres.

Compared to alternative materials, the High Temp Fiberglass CFF spool shows a heat deflection temperature of 150° C, compared to 97° C in parts printed from ABS and 52° C in parts printed from PLA.

HSHT (High Strength high Temperature) Fiberglass is also 29x more resistant to impact than ABS and 100x more impact resistant than PLA; making your 3D printed parts more durable on the manufacturing floor.

HSHT fiberglass also has the ability to deflect to 2x the amount of Carbon Fiber and can return to its original shape when the force is removed.

With high levels of heat resistance and the flexural strength that is only second to carbon fibre, HSHT fiberglass is the go-to solution for parts which require both high heat and high impact resistance and elasticity. For example, use cases include: welding fixtures, thermoforms, thermoset moulds and mould inserts.

Humanetics, a supplier of crash test dummies uses HSHT fiberglass to print its long-lasting and incredibly cost effective thermoset moulds; using onyx as the composite material. Using the Markforged X7 has given Humanetics the ability to print a part which allows for reliable tooling without the cost. Its 100x less expensive, and 5x faster than traditional methods.

​For Use on Markforged Mark Two and X7 Systems Only.
​Not compatible with Onyx One, Onyx Pro, X3 or X5 Systems


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