Markforged 150cm3 Carbon Fiber CFF Filament Spool


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150cm3 Carbon Fiber CFF Spool – Markforged

150cm3 Carbon Fiber CFF Spool

The Markforged Carbon 150cm3 Fiber CFF Spool is the stiffest, strongest fiber with the highest strength-to-weight ratio. In its flexural strength, 3d printed carbon fiber is 8x stronger than typical printed ABS materials and 20% stronger than the typical yield strength of aluminium.

In flexural stiffness, Carbon Fiber is again in a league of its own; being 25x more rigid than typical ABS printed parts and 2x more rigid than the rest of Markforged portfolio of reinforcement fibers.

In strength to weight, when compared to 6061 aluminium, 3D printed carbon fiber parts have a 50% higher strength-to-weight ratio in flexure in addition to 300% higher ratio in tension.

Due to its specifications, Carbon Fiber material is the perfect substitute for aluminium parts, despite being half the weight. Use carbon fiber when you are looking for superior stiffness and minimal deflection compared to your alternative PLA or ABS 3D printing solutions.

Carbon Fiber is used by Haddington Dynamics in the manufacturing of their Dexter 3D arms. For each customer, a bespoke robot arm is printed; customised to their specific needs. However, in each case the Carbon Fiber material used ensures that the robots can withstand high levels of tensile pressure.

– Highest strength to weight ratio
– 6X stronger, 18X stiffer than Onyx
– Used to replace machined aluminium parts
– Black in color
– Compatible: Mark Two & X7


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