Raise3D Pro 2 Plus vs BCN3D Epsilon W50: A Comparison

How do you differentiate two 3D printers that seem very similar? That’s the question we face with Raise3D Pro 2 Plus and BCN3D Epsilon W50. The Raise3D Pro 2 Plus in an award-winning large format printer, aimed primarily at manufacturing …

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How Formlabs 3D Printers Help Neucin Design Ltd Create High-Grade Medical Devices!

Medical device manufacturing relies on constant innovation to develop new and better ways to treat people and potentially save lives. Cutting-edge SLA 3D printing technology by Formlabs has helped Neucin Design streamline its design process and reach new levels of …

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Fall Alert, by Freddie Howells

Introduction Freddie Howells was inspired to make Fall Alert by his Great Aunt Pat, who’s ninety years old. On top of living alone Pat also suffers from dementia. This is a problem because if she falls over she needs to …

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