5 Axis CNC Machines

Explore our Range of CNC Machines and Bundles 

Chose between the V2-10 and V2-50 or explore our V2-10 and V2-50 bundles which include tooling, spare parts and a safety enclosure. If you want to find out more which machine is best for you get in touch with one of our experts.

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Tooling for a Range of Jobs

We offer a range of tooling for the Pocket NC compatible with the V2-10 and V2-50 5 axis CNC Machines. Check out a range of tooling from Emuge Franken and explore our tooling bundles.

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Where to buy Pocket NC tooling consumables

Spare Parts

Our Range of Spare Parts for the V2-10 and V2-50

With a variety of different sized collets, tool holders and accessories find the right parts for your job. With parts from Pocket NC and Emuge Franken available for purchase.

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Where to buy Pocket NC Spare parts and consumables


Range of Materials to Get Creating

Check out our range of materials to help get you started and using your Pocket NC. From Wax to Aluminium, we offer a range of different sized and shaped stock materials.

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Where to buy pocket nc materials and consumables

Safety Enclosures

Safety Enclosures for Your V2-10 and V2-50

The Pocket NC Enclosure is to be used with the Pocket NC V2-50 or V2-10 Desktop CNC Machines. It comes in two variants, the Enclosure with Safety Switch and the Enclosure without Safety Switch.

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Pocket NC Safety Enclosure Pocket CNC Machine


Online Courses to Help Get You Started

Learn the basics of using your Pocket NC  at courses.pocketnc.com. This course will walk through all of the important steps of making a basic part on the Pocket NC mill. This course is ideal for the user new to CAM and CNC machining.

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Where to buy a Pocket NC Online Course


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