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3D Scanning in the Automotive Industry

3D scanning has revolutionised the automotive industry. Tasks that would have taken days to complete can now be preformed in a matter of hours, the results are more accurate and designers can be more innovative.

How has 3d scanning in the automotive industry helped? How much does 3D scanning cost? These are all questions that are answered here.


Achieve real time results with the peel 3d scanner. STLs are instantly created as you scan.


Consistent and reliable results are achieved from 3d scanning due to digitally accurate technology and removal of human error.


peel 3d scanners pick up details as fine as 0.025mm and even the smoothest of gradual curves over big surfaces


Every peel 3d scanner comes with free access to the STL editing software. Edit, change and play around with scans freely


No advanced training needed, no complex equipment required, simply point and shoot

Businesses who benefitted from using 3D scanning

Have a look at how businesses have adopted 3D scanning and how it has improved their output


Innovating Motorbikes Body Work

The peel 3d scanner has helped Nick Graveley, senior designer at Claymoto, to create more dynamic body shapes for his motorbikes.

The peel 3d scanner is first used to scan the dimensions of the bike, having accurate measurements will help when it comes to designing the actual body parts.

After a few hand sketches, Nick will start modelling the body out of clay. He will build the body shape directly onto the bike so he can truly visualise the shape.

Previously, Nick would have had to manually measure the clay body shape and input the dimensions into CAD. But now, Nick uses his peel 3d scanner to scan the shape, the shape is instantly converted into a CAD file. The designer can now create the body shape in great confidence knowing that it will fit first time.

Patritti Design Performance

When a stock Porsche is not enough..

Porsche is an amazing high-performance sports car. Built in Germany they combine dynamic engineering and striking looks to create an exciting drive for the user. But sometimes, this isn’t enough. Some customers want to modify their cars for racing. For examples, replacing steel body panels on the older models with newer composite panels will reduce the weight of the car.

Traditionally, the moulds for composite production were made directly from the existing car panels. The process was messy, tedious and required various stages of trail and error to overcome deformations and dents in the shape.

“Although we were starting to see handheld technology available on the market, none was able to properly capture an object the size of a car.” None, of course, until Patrick discovered the peel 3d.

The peel 3d was the only handheld scanner with enough accuracy to meet Patricks demands. Car panels can be scanned in a matter of minutes, CNC processes are used to then create foam replicates of the panels. It is then these foam parts which are used to make the composite panels. 3D scanning a car has never been easier.

peel 3d's Scanning Software

Each peel 3d scanner comes with free access to it’s premium software. It provides you with full control to edit and finalise your design.

High Quality Scans


Plug the peel 3d scanner into a computer, start up the software and begin.

STL Created

A mesh shape is saved directly onto the peel 3d software


Edit and modify the mesh shape so that it is ready to be exported into your CAD software

Select the right scanner for you

How much does 3D scanning cost? Is a 3D scanner worth it? Take a look at the peel 3d range and see how it can help your business grow

peel 2 CAD-s

Car Interiors and fittings

The peel 2 CAD-S has the highest mesh resolution and is recommended for smaller parts in comparison to other peel 3d scanners.

It offers the highest accuracy and is ideal for more intricate, complex parts

Technical data sheet

peel 2 CAD

Body Panels and Exhausts

The peel 2 CAD has the largest scanning area and depth of field in the scanner range, therefore it can scan larger parts quicker than the peel 2 CAD-S.

The accuracy of the peel 2 CAD is sufficient enough for large, flat surfaces

Technical data sheet

peel 2 CAD-S and peel 2 CAD

Increase Output

Are you’re parts large? Do they contain really fine features?

Use both the peel 2 CAD and peel 2 CAD-S together. With the peel 2 CAD you are able to scan larger surfaces quickly and accurately. If there are any finer details requiring more attention, use the peel 2 CAD-S to go the same area to ensure all the finest geometry is gathered.

Use both scanners to improve efficiency.

Technical data sheet

Rugged Case

Protect your Equipment

Whenever your in the workshop or construction site there are always potential hazards that could damage your equipment.

Feel confident that your equipment is safe by getting a strong and durable container for your peel 3d scanner.

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