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New Formlabs Products 2022: Form 3+

Formlabs recently announced they will launch four new arrival products in 2022. The print quality is far better than any previous SLA 3D Printing technology. The Form 3+ and Form 3b+ are redesigned iterations of the Form 3 and Form …

Imani Hafeez

January 7, 2022

Formlabs recently announced they will launch four new arrival products in 2022. The print quality is far better than any previous SLA 3D Printing technology. The Form 3+ and Form 3b+ are redesigned iterations of the Form 3 and Form 3b. This is great news for the 3D printing industry. Consumers will now be able to print objects up to 40% faster with the new Form 3+ and Form 3b+.

The Build Platform 2 is another addition which has patented quick release technology. This enables quicker and easier part removal with less risk of part damage. Finally, ESD (Electro Static Discharge) is a new Formlabs resin to prototype and validate electrical production workflows. To prevent component failure, use this resin to protect vital electronics within your models from unregulated static discharge.

Formlabs are constantly improving their products. Print capabilities have revolutionised fast in the past 10 years because of this. The new additions are rich with features that make 3D Printing quicker and simpler whilst still producing high quality models.

Formlabs Form 3+ and 3b+

Transform design to finished part faster than ever with the Form 3+ and Form 3b+. Formlabs issued a statement regarding the new Form 3+ and Form 3B+. They acknowledged their Fuse 3D Printer SLS machine is unbeatable, it wouldn’t put them ahead of the curve in 2022.

Formlabs worked closely with top industrial designers & engineers for over a year for the Form 3+ and Form 3b+ launch. They set a new industry standard for print time, manufacturability, and material properties. The print time is going to be 20- 40% faster than the print time of Formlabs’ previous models.

Print quality will remain excellent. Due to improved print speeds and hardware modernization, objects can now be printed in much less time. According to Formlabs, “the print times are unmatched by any current 3D printing technology”.

Introducing Form 3+ and Form 3B+.

Formlabs Form 3+ print times compared

Quality wise the new one is comparable with other high-quality printers like the Ultimaker 3 Extended+. Users who own a 3D Printer for bigger jobs (print size 300 x 200 x 200 mm) can switch to this printer for smaller tasks or print more often without sacrificing quality.

The faster a product can print, the better. Design teams can take products from ideation to prototype weekly. They have reported improvement in quality in work that reflects in their products. New Formlabs Products 2022 will continue to improve 3D Printing.

In order to maximize print speeds while preserving these details, Formlabs SLA printers have been designed with varying layer thicknesses. The Form 3+ and Form 3b+ produce highly detailed parts and fast to print. Keep printing parts efficiently without sacrificing

Improvements to software, firmware and hardware occur with every print. Form 3+ is an efficient solution for product designers who need prototypes fast. Surgeons can also use it as practice models before a complicated operation. High quality parts will be delivered quickly without sacrificing precision or functionality at such critical moments in time when mistakes could cost lives.

Latest Formlabs Build Platform 2

Additionally to print speed and print quality improving with the Form 3+ and Form 3b+, Formlabs has made improvements regarding the build platform. The new flexible print surface allows for quick and easy removal of parts from the build platform without any tools in seconds. This is a patented quick release technology.

This new build platform streamlines your workflow and eliminates the risk of damaging your part. The build platform of the Form 3 had some room for improvement. Although it has developed, like most build plates it takes a long time to detach prints from the build plate. Tools were needed to detach prints prom the Build Platform in previous models which was inconvenient.

Luckily, this new build surface allows you to easily remove parts without tools in seconds. Due to the flexible print surface. This video shoes how to use the Build Platform 2 to optimise your workflow.

ESD Resin launching 2022

Formlabs have also announced the launch of electrostatic discharge (ESD) resin which is great for electronics manufacturing. This extra-sensitive resin reduces or eliminates electrostatic charge and minimizes dissimilar materials aggregation due to electrostatic forces.

Formlabs say electrostatic charge is notorious for ruining 3D prints. It causes particles and fibres to stick to your print like a magnet. ESD resin enables users to print to improve the yield of electronics manufacturing lines and increase operational efficiency. This resin is a cost effective solution for SLA 3D Printing to print custom ESD-safe tooling for production. This is essential when businesses require esd safe parts within their production.

Formlabs ESD safe resin enables manufacturers to scale.

Formlabs ESD Resin increases the yield and reduces risk on your manufacturing line by 3D Printing jigs, fixtures and custom tools in industries such as automotive, electronics manufacturing and aerospace. To prevent component failure, use this resin to protect vital electronics within your models from unregulated static discharge. This resin is made to withstand production-line operation. It has high toughness and high impact strength.

Formlabs Electrostatic discharge resin makes factory ready parts that are high strength and electrostatics dissipative (ESD). The Formlabs ESD resin is available to buy at Solid Print for £170 excluding VAT. To find out more about any of the new Formlabs products in this blog, contact one of our experts on 01926 333 777 or email Keep updated with our blog and social media to find out more about new Formlabs products 2022.

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