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Discover more about how Materialise Magics can revolutionise your 3D printing process. With the ability to convert files to STL, fix issues, modify designs and prepare your prints with ease.

Materialise Magics – Data Preparation & STL Editor

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Save Time

This extensive and user-friendly toolbox will help you to save time on data preparation, printing and finishing, thereby significantly reducing the lead time of your projects.

STL Repair

Using Materialise Magics, the highly time-consumptive process of STL model repair can now be done in a much shorter time frame. Wall thickness, holes in the model and more can be solved using Magics, at the click of a button.

Superfast Nesting

With updates made in Magics 24, users can now nest their parts on the build plate in seconds, instead of minutes – saving time and potential additional costs.


Reduce Failed Prints

Using its data preparation functions, Materialise Magics can help you print using less material and experience less errors when printing your parts. Contact us for more information.

Part Editing

Within Materialise Magics, part editing allows for you to make changes and modifications to your parts, before printing – to ensure that your prints will complete without error and to ensure that there is no need to use any other platform.

Transfer Supports

One of the newest features of Materialise Magics is the ability for users to transfer supports between parts. Using this function, printing complex batches of parts will now be easier and will result in less failed prints.


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One Platform for Every Task

When using Materialise, there is no need to use any other piece of software apart from that provided within the extensive Magics 3D Printing suite of software. With Materialise, you are supported through every step of your 3D printing process.

Universally Used

Internationally Used

Materialise products are used across the world and are well known for their reliability across many industries. Due to this, Materialise have gained an extensive knowledge base to aid you in your use of their software.

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