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MASSIVit 3D Printed Body Kit


Discover how the introduction of Massivit 3D 1800 Pro printers were able to produce a 16 piece body kit in 64 hours. producing parts up to 1.5m in length. Interested to find out how your company can benefit in the same way? Contact us using the button below.


STREETFIGHTER LA is a renowned producer of high-quality wide body kits, as well as an auto performance tech pioneer. After collaborating with car specialist Tj Hunt and world class car designer Jon Sibal; they were eager to find a high tech, reliable way of producing a high-quality wide body kit that could be made on a large scale.

This couldn’t be done normally in the automotive industry due to the high manufacturing set up costs of producing moulds, jigs, grips and fixings for a product such as this one.

With the large scale build volume of Massivit’s 3D printers (1800 and 1800 pro) measuring 145cm x 180cm x 111cm, making moulds and body panels offer a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.

Solid Print3D Massivit 64 Hour Printed Car Body Kit

Massivit 3D and STREETHUNTER 3D Printed Car


With the use of the Massivit 1800 pro STREETHUNTER LA were able to have the parts for the Supra MK5 Widebody Kit manufacture by BTC Entertainment in only 64 hours! This incredibly fast print time is because of Massivit’s specific technology, allowing large scaled parts to be rapidly produced whilst still maintaining an accurate and high-quality finish. 16 large parts were produced including all body panels of the kit, the front lip and the dynamic rear wing with some parts up to 1.5m in size.

Due to the large build volume of the Massvit 1800 pro (145cm x 111cm x 180cm) all of the parts were able to be produced in a single print, with no need to assemble multiple small parts. This is a fabulous collaboration between car aficionado TJ Hunt, auto performance tech pioneer STREETFIGHTER LA, and renowned car designer/renderer, Jon Sibal, SOS Customz and really shows the fantastic opportunities 3D printing can offer.

The Massivit 1800 pro is not just a great option for creating automotive panelling but can benefit other sectors such as aerospace, engineering and many more. To find out more about Massivit 3D’s fast print times, geometric freedom, additional customisations and how they could benefit your business click here.

Supra MK5 Widebody Kit

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