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Rent the Sky Films


Find out how Rent the Sky Films used a Markforged 3D printer to bring ease to their film production process.

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Rent the Sky Films is a production company who provide unique filming techniques to their customers.


However, due to the constrictions of typical filming equipment, Rent the Sky Films were finding issues with being able to capture the shots that they wanted, without having to pay for bespoke equipment to be manufactured; which would be costly and incredibly time ineffective.

Rent the Sky Films


Through the use of a Markforged 3D Printer, Rent the Sky Films were able to print custom cable adaptors for a 3D camera; replacing the traditional rigs which would not only cost more but also weighed 100 lbs. Through the use of their bespoke printed adapters, the camera was instantly easier to operate, leading to Rent the Sky Films to be able to capture the shots they wanted in the time they had.

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