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Nieka Systems


Discover how Nieka Systems utlised Inconel 625 for rapid and repetitive temperature cycling

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Nieka Systems provide customers in the mining and cement production industry the ability to better their manufacturing processes through the use of sample preparation equipment.


The machines manufactured by Nieka Systems convert ore, or samples of cement into glass discs which can later be used to find precise compositional analyses of the original samples. Inconel is a nickel-based alloy which is used for the clips that hold the crucibles in place on the machines; however, the only way of manufacturing the parts is to use third-party CNC machines. For Nieka Systems, this caused various issues due to the need for larger commitments of capital and inevitably, time.

Nieka Systems 3D Printed Crucible


However, through the introduction of the Markforged Metal X, Nieka Systems found themselves printing these clips out of Inconel, using 3D printing instead of the CNC machine alternatives. Immediately, the company saw a great reduction of cost and lead times in getting these parts prepared and ready to be used. Alongside 2 composite 3D printers, Nieka Systems now uses their Metal X as a “market ready solution” which, as stated by Louis Croisetier, founder of the company, has completely eradicated the need for external machining.

Nieka Systems Crucible in Action

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