Discover how through the introduction of Markforged additive manufacturing gave Neurophotometrics the ability to compete with industry leaders.

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Neurophotometrics, based in California, have been finding for a while that participation in the scientific hardware industry can be costly and quite-inefficient; due to the requirement for technology which quickly becomes outdated.


In their production of a device which uses optical tools to record the brain activity of living animals, Neurophotometrics want to ensure that their device can be customised to the bespoke needs of scientists around the world. “We wouldn’t have a company if we couldn’t print it [the device]. It wouldn’t be possible to do, and it wouldn’t be possible to do on our small scale” says Sage Aronson, CEO and founder of Neurophotometrics

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After hearing about Markforged printing and having received a sample, Neurophotometrics knew that they had found a way to fabricating their devices affordably. Using their Markforged desktop printer, they were then able to create hardware components using the strong materials spliced with carbon fibre particles. After the introduction of this new workflow, Neurophotometrics found themselves iterating through various prototypes when previously, this would have taken both more capital and time to achieve. Immediately, 6 more Markforged printers made their way into the production office. Sage Aronson states “if we weren’t able to print and use parts with this, the business wouldn’t have started”, hailing the printers for the company’s success.

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