Eiger Software

Not only are Markforged manufacturing superior 3D Printing technology, they also supply class leading Eiger software FOC to make your Markforged experience as seamless as possible between software and hardware.

Eiger is powerful and easy to learn, allowing its users to import and slice their 3D models directly from their web browser and send to the printer via WiFi.


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The strength of Markforged printers is the stability of the part and the precise surface finish. With Eiger software, Markforged have made it easy to increase sub-stability with unique Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFF). In addition, Eiger offers the possibility of accessing and managing all printers and print jobs with just one program. Achieve 10-fold stability with just one click Eiger adds selected fibre reinforcement to your component. Simply select the option “Use fibre“. They retain full access to the process and can intervene at desired locations and make manual adjustments.

Continuous Improvement

Eiger is cloud based meaning you will get the latest version every time. Once a new update has been deployed, it will be displayed the next time you log in to EIGER. Process large files in the background, whilst continuing to work in other programs.
Control all printers from one place. With EIGER, you can easily access all of your organisation‘s printers & print files. Whether you use one or a hundred printers, the Markforged networked system collects all data clearly in one place.

User Friendly

Eiger enables you to connect each of your Markforged printers via Ethernet or WiFi. Distance does not matter. You will receive important status messages by e-mail and, for example, be informed in good time about low material stocks and completed print jobs. To print the most stable parts, you do not need special training. Simply upload your CAD file into EIGER and slash it for high-strength printing.

Data is never lost

You can create projects in EIGER. Arrange your print files, find them quickly and reuse or revise them. Since everything is stored in the cloud, your files will be kept in case of a computer crash.
The version history can also be used to restore accidentally overwritten files.

Intuitive Interface

EIGER software regulates all temperature, speed & monitoring settings to optimise print performance therefore reducing the user‘s workload.


Use Eiger to work organisationally. Enable access to the program by each of your team members. Allow files to be shared, discussed, edited and improved remotely with your colleagues.

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