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3D printer have wide application in jewellery industry named as Rapid Prototyping (RP) Technology.  3D printer are used as a design tools to create low-cost models before its actual production. Models or Designs created by 3D printers enables the review team to study the products in details so the manufacture gets positive response from the customers.The Jewellery industry is at the top in using 3D printers in pre-manufacturing process to reduce the cost and boost the jewellery products quality. In Jewellery industry a material called is Wax used in Jewellery design printing as an alternative of metal printers. 3D printer shaped the jewellery design on Wax material which later decanted by a plaster on both sides. To give the final touch on product Wax is dressed by a liquefied metal on it which is later comes out as a metallic form of wax shaped plaster. At last the jeweller refined the jewellery product.

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