How to Join 3D Printed Parts with Threaded Fasteners

Learn How to Join 3D prints with Threaded Fasteners

Neil Sewell

September 19, 2019

Most 3D printed parts function as a single element in larger assemblies. Using threaded fasteners is a great way to create a strong, serviceable connection between parts but creating threads in 3D printed parts can be tricky. This webinar will discuss several methods of how to join 3D Printed parts with threaded fasteners.

Watch the webinar today to learn how to identify the best technique to assemble and secure 3D printed parts for your applications.

In the below video we cover the following:

  • The Markforged Platform
  • Why we use fasteners
  • Fastening Methods
  • Test Conditions
  • Results & Analysis

If this video is of interest please feel free to reach out to discuss how 3D printing could help you achieve your business goals.

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