Standard Samples

3D Printed Sample Parts

We supply over 25 different 3D Printers and whichever printer you are looking at we have a standard print available that will show you the quality of the prints, colours, surface finish and usable materials.

These are typically enough for our customers to decide if the printer can produce parts of significant quality for their needs.

Call us on 01926 333 777, email on  to get advice on the right 3D Printer for you or fill in the contact form below and we’ll get in touch to discuss the best sample and printer for your needs.

Bespoke Samples

3D Printed Bespoke Sample

If your business requires bespoke sample parts to prove out the concept of 3D Printing, we are more than happy to arrange this for you. We can typically print smaller parts for free.

For larger parts we work out our cost to print the part, and should you go ahead & purchase the printer Solid Print3D will reimburse the cost of the sample print.

Please fill in your details in the contact form, email your sample file (in .STL or SolidWorks format) to or call us directly on 01926 333 777.

Request Your Free Sample

Choose which sample is right for you, fill in your details and we’ll get a sample sent out to you.