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Looking for an SLA desktop printer or an affordable SLS machine for your worktop? We have the solution for you.

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Formlabs have a range of 3D printers, from the highly accurate Form 3 resin printer to the all new Fuse 1+ 30W, perfect for lightweight, strong and robust parts. Find out more below about SLA and SLS to find which process is best for you.

Formlabs SLA

The Industry-Leading Desktop 3D Printer

Discover Formlabs SLA 3D Printing

Formlabs SLS

High quality parts without the need of supports

Discover Formlabs SLS 3D Printing

• Powered By Low Force Stereolithography

• Print intricate parts with high accuracy and precision

• Production quality similar to injection moulded parts

• Print clear and flexible parts with a variety of engineered resins

• Affordable SLS Printing on your benchtop

• Produce lightweight, strong and robust parts ideal for functional parts.

• Print complex geometry without the need of supports

• Suitable for small – medium batch production

What is SLA?

Produce smooth highly detailed parts

SLA (Stereolithography) uses a UV laser which selectively cures resin layer-by-layer, causing the resin to harden and cure into a green state. Once the print has finished in order to fully cure the resin the part requires a washing and curing process. After the part has been cured the bonds are complete are you are left with a solid plastic part perfect for being used for prototyping or even creating end-use parts.


Find out more below about Formlabs SLA 3D printers.
Formlabs 3D Printed Parts on Form 3L and Form 3 Build Platforms

What is SLS?

Produce complex geometries with no support

SLS (Select Laser Sintering) uses a laser which selectively sinters a powder layer-by-layer, causing the powder to fuse together creating strong bonds creating solid, robust parts. Surrounding powder in the build chamber supports parts as they are built layer by layer offering creative freedom with your parts. After the printing process, post-processing is required. Using the Fuse Sift extract and clean up your parts ready for end-use applications, functional parts and prototyping.


Find out more about Formlabs SLS 3D printer, the Fuse 1 below.
Discover Formlabs SLS 3D Printing Nylon 12

Explore Fuse Blast

Only Takes 15 Minutes to Go from Print to a Professional Final Product


The Formlabs Fuse Blast automates the post-processing of SLS parts, allowing users to dedicate more time to higher-value jobs. Reducing post-processing time also provides opportunity to scale production and boost Fuse Series output without hiring more workers.

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Formlabs Case Studies


Read our Formlabs Case Studies to find out how the introduction of Formlabs printers has benefited various customers working in different industries.



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Get in touch with us and our 3D printing experts who can help advise you on the best 3D printing solution for you. Our team is here to help every step of the way, even after making your purchase, with our great support plans to ensure you get the most out of your 3D printer.


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Simplify and automate post-processing with Formlabs.

Why Solid Print3D?

With your purchase of a Formlabs 3D Printer from Solid Print3D, you are not only paying for the hardware, but the world-class support and training that we provide is made accessible to you. Whatever your requirement, we, as a leading UK reseller will aim to support you in the operation of your new Formlabs printer.

World Class Support

We provide world-class support from our in-house 3D printing experts, to make sure that the experience you have with your new Markforged 3D printer is as seamless as possible.

Training in SLS & SLA Printing

We also offer training in how to fully utilise your new 3D printer, with courses available for FDM/FFF, SLA and SLS printing.



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