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Introducing the Formlabs Dental Range

Formlabs have developed a new range of printers, resins and consumables to help increase the workflow and accuracy of operations in the dental industry. Adopting Formlabs into the process has meant dentists can now complete most procedures on the same day as their clients appointment.

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Draft V2

Formlabs Resin with the Shortest Print Time

Formlabs Draft Resin V2 is the quickest resin to print with, reducing print times by up to 3 times. Use Draft Resin V2 to reduce client wait times, improve efficiency and to create accurate dental models.

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  • Rapid Modelling

Digital Denture Resin

Use a Combination of Resins to Create Dentures

Create realistic, long lasting dentures in a shorter time frame with the new formlabs resins; Denture Teeth Resin and Denture Base Resin.

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  • Dentures
how does dental 3d printing work

Dental Model Resin

Designed for crown and bridge models with removable dies

Dental Model Resin can create high-precision, high-accuracy models which can be used for making moulds, helping junior dentists to visualise their operation or digital sculpting. Parts are printed to crisp margins and with a professional matte finish.

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  • Making and digital sculpting
  • Miniatures
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Dental LT Clear V2 Resin

Create High-Quality Splints In-house

Print affordable, high-quality occlusal splints in-house with Dental LT Clear Resin (V2). Highly durable and resistant to fracture, this colour-corrected material prints clear, polishes to high optical transparency, and resists discoloration over time for a finished appliance you’ll be proud to deliver.

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  • Splints
  • Occlusal guards
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Temporary CB Resin

Print Custom Inlays, Outlays and Veneers

Increase your productivity and reduce client wait times by adopting Temporary CB Resin into your work flow. Use this Resin to print custom inlays, outlays and veneers to get your clients a more personalised and durable Crown/Bridge restoration.

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  • Inlays, Outlays and Veneers
  • Crown/Bridge Restorations

Custom Tray Resin

Print Custom Impression Trays In-house

Custom Tray Resin is a medical grade material that is made for creating impression trays. Printing custom trays ensures an even distribution of impression material and more accurate impressions.

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  • Custom Impression Trays

IBT Resin

Print In-direct Bond Trays

IBT Resin is used to print Indirect Bond Trays, a Bond Tray is a tool used to hold braces in place while they are adhered to the patients teeth. Adopting this dentistry style reduces human error and it reduces chair time for the patient.

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  • In-direct Bond Tray

Surgical Guide Resin

Print Surgical Guides In-house

Use Dental SG to create reliable, biocompatible parts ideal for a dental surgical guide or similar applications. The resin is medically approved and is suitable to be sterilised in an autoclave or by gamma-ray sterilisation.

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  • Surgical Guides

Dental Consumables

Check out the consumable range available. Some resins may require a LT resin tank (Form 2) or a V2.1 resin tank (Form 3B), make sure to check the resin product page.

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