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Form 3 Unboxing and Setup

This morning we received the next generation of Formlabs SLA 3D printers, the Form 3. There are some important steps to take during the Form 3 unboxing and setup, which we highlight below. We are going to be demonstrating the …

George Field

August 13, 2019

This morning we received the next generation of Formlabs SLA 3D printers, the Form 3. There are some important steps to take during the Form 3 unboxing and setup, which we highlight below. We are going to be demonstrating the improvements in future blog posts.

Form 3 Unboxing

Lets start with the basics – checking you have everything you need to setup the Form 3 out of the box.

Form 3 Unboxing

You Should Receive Two Boxes Containing the Following:

Form 3 Unboxing
  • Box 1: One Bag containing the quick start guide, leveling disc, allen key and cables.
  • Box 1: Form 3 3D Printer
  • Box 2: Finishing kit box
  • Box 2: Build Platform box
  • Box 2: Resin Tank box

Step 1 – Form 3 LPU Setup

The Form 3 has two bolts and a retaining plate to ensure that the LPU (Light Processing Unit) doesn’t move around during shipping. This must be removed before the printer is powered on, as otherwise it could damage your printer.

  • Look inside the Form 3 printer and locate the blue label concealing two orange screws.
  • Follow the instructions on the label and remove the orange screws freeing the LPU and allowing it to move horizontally.

Step 2 – Resin Tank

  • Remove resin tank packaging and lid
  • Insert resin mixer into tank (see image for orientation)
  • Check the bottom of the tank for protective film (your tank may not have this)
  • Slide resin tank into Form 3

Step 3 – Cartridge and build platform

  • Prepare a resin cartridge and insert into the rear of the printer
  • Slide the build platform on and secure (there is now a limit switch to detect the build platform)
  • Close the form 3 UV light blocking lid
  • (The Form 2 and Form 3 both use the same cartridge and build platform!)

Step 4 – Form 3 Setup

  • Insert the power cord into the rear of the printer
  • Follow on screen instructions for connecting to WiFi/LAN
  • Once connected, proceed with leveling using the leveling disc, push the disc into a foot of the printer until you hear a click.
  • Follow the on screen instruction for which leg to adjust and which direction to rotate

Step 5 – Run a Test Print

We suggest printing the rook chess piece as a test to ensure the printer is working as intended. Once the print has been uploaded to preform, uploaded to the printer and on screen instructions followed your print should begin.

Don’t forget to checkout the new timeline feature in the Formlabs dashboard! Its great for managing multiple printers and planning multiple jobs.

We hope you found the Form 3 unboxing and setup post informative. For any more information on choosing a 3D printer, learning more about 3D printing technologies or seeing what is possible with 3D printers, check out our other blog posts.

Also, feel free to contact us on or 01926 333 777 to let us help you find the right 3D printer for your business.


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