Finance Your 3D Printer

As many SME’s will attest to, any investment in a new business asset can be a potential worry. Irrespective of the equipment’s anticipated efficiencies and benefits, the cost of acquisition is quite often significant and imminent. With that in mind, Solid Print3D can offer a variety of different Asset Finance solutions via our authorised partner Hensley Stephens.

Their facilities can help to not only alleviate the upfront cost of your purchase; but preserve cash flow by spreading the cost over a pre-determined period. All the while allowing you to make the most of the improved productivity and opportunities that the new equipment can provide.


Markforged X5

Finance Lease:

  • Solid Print 3D are paid directly by the funder; for both asset and VAT.
  • VAT is therefore payable on the rentals – instead of up front as per a Hire Purchase or Loan.
  • The finance company owns the asset and rent it to you over an agreed period.
  • They claim the writing down allowances on the asset and you can normally offset 100% of the rentals against taxable profits.

Hire Purchase:

  • Solid Print 3D are paid directly by the funder for the asset; with you paying the VAT.
  • The asset goes on your balance sheet and you can usually claim Writing Down Allowances, along with tax relief on the interest element of your payments.
  • At the end of the agreement, there is a small “option to purchase” fee.

Please feel free to contact either Solid Print 3D or Hensley Stephens if you have any further questions.

*Solid Print 3D are not FCA registered so cannot offer regulated customers finance options. Pricing is based on a typical customer, using a 3-year direct debit finance agreement on a 3+33 payment profile. Please contact our finance partner Hensley Stephens Limited on 020 3950 9163 for further information. Any amount financed will be subject to their standard terms and conditions which are available here:


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  • The large build volume Raise 3D Pro 2 could cost from as little as £105 +VAT per month.

  • The feature rich Ultimaker S5 is avilable from £169+VAT .per month

  • The Amazing resolution of the Formlabs Form 3 costs from just £96 + VAT per month.

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