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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.


What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the process of creating a physical part from a CAD file. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways but involves laying down layers on top of one another in very fine slices until the finished model is created. Plastic filament, liquid resin & powder can all be used to create parts, and each technology has strengths and weaknesses depending upon your particular requirements.

What is the best 3D Printer for me?

This is subjective and will depend upon your budget, your required build size, mechanical properties, if the printer is to sit in an office environment, the surface finish required and if the machine is intended to be a desktop, industrial or production unit

What is the maximum size I can print?

As you can imagine this is very budget specific. It’s important to understand the maximum size you will need to print at without over specifying the machine. For around £1,500 you will be able to print within a 20cm cube, for £3,000 – £5,000 you could print up to 30 x 30 x 60cm if required. The critical dimensions are the x & y, and if you need to increase this to say 50cm x 100cm the price will jump to around £30,000 and will go up from there.

Can I get a sample?

Of course. We have samples of all our machines ready to be sent free of charge, or we can look to print one of your CAD files. There is usually a charge for this, but we can usually refund if the 3D printer is purchased within 1 month of the sample being posted.

Where can I see your 3D Printers?

We have printers located in the following Locations:

  • Leamington Spa
  • Fareham
  • Furness Vale
  • Leeds
  • Belfast
  • Durham
  • Chepstow

You are more than welcome to visit your nearest showroom but please call on 01926 333 777 or email to arrange an appointment as we have different machines in the different locations * to make sure we have someone on site who can talk you through the machines. We are open from 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.

What types of payments do you accept?

You can pay easily through the website on Mastercard or Visa. We are also able to take subscription payments if you require a certain number of consumables to be shipped to you every month and for some customers we can take a Purchase Order from you. Please contact if you would prefer this route.

How do I get a copy of my invoices?

You will be emailed a copy of your invoice on order completion or you will be able to find these in your account.

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