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Discover the Formlabs Form 3L


28th May – Recording Coming Soon

Webinar Overview

Curious about the Formlabs Form 3L and wanted to see it in person? We’re getting as close as we can by bringing the tradeshow floor to your home office with a product demo and Q+A with Formlabs Product Manager Kyle McNulty.

See a walkthrough of the 3L

Learn how LFS technology scales to large format SLA printing

Get a sneak peek the Formlabs testing sites

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What’s the best 3D Printer?


1st June – Recording Available

Webinar Overview

We will delve into the vast world of 3D printers. Whether you need to be designing high strength end use parts or high resolution prototypes we will cover the pros and cons of different printers to help decipher what the best 3D printer is for you.

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The 6 Biggest Concerns of 3D Printing Parts


20th May – Recording Available

Webinar Overview

In this webinar we will address the 6 common concerns of moving production to additive manufacturing.

You will understand how 3D printing has matured in industry with real life case studies and how return on investment studies ensure a risk free additive solution, to current headaches.

Selecting the Right 3D
Printing Material


Recording Available

Webinar Overview

Deep dive into Formlabs’s latest 3D Printing Materials and explore how to choose the right SLA material for your application.

A Guide to Designing for Additive Manufacturing


Recording Available

Webinar Overview

Want to know how to achieve the best possible results when designing parts to be 3D printed? Tune in to gain an insight into how best to design your parts with 3D printing in mind to ensure the best possible results in the quickest times.

3D Printing Q & A Session


Recording Available

Webinar Overview

Interested in 3D printing? Want to know how to 3D print parts as strong as Aluminum? What are the best materials to print with?
This webcast was a live Q & A session led entirely by attendee questions! Watch to watch it again? Contact us to get the catch up link below.

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Our 3D Printing events are designed to help you discover the various 3D Printing Brands, the material science, 3D Printing techniques & most importantly the 3D Printing applications engineering companies globally are adapting to move their prototyping & manufacturing to Additive Techniques.


Why not come along to one of our 3D Printing events or webinars above to find out more about:


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Understand the 3D Printing market place & technologies available

Carbon Fibre is changing the face of 3D printing – learn how

Understand real world ROI and how 3D printing pays for itself quickly

Send us your CAD file to see us analyse it live at the event

Learn where to look for 3D Printing opportunities in your business

Replace costly metal parts on your shopfloor

CAD to 3D Print is simple – we show you how