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Reinvent Manufacturing

Reinvent Manufacturing
Midlands Event


WMG – Coventry




Reinvent Manufacturing
Southern Event


Ageas Bowl – Southampton




Reinvent Manufacturing
Northern Event


Solid Solutions – Sheffield




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3D Printing is reinventing manufacturing today!


Our upcoming events are designed to help you discover the various 3D Printing Brands, the material science, 3D Printing techniques & most importantly the 3D Printing applications engineering companies globally are adapting to move their prototyping & manufacturing to Additive Techniques.


Why not come along to one of our events below and see What’s New in:


Industrial 3D Printing  |  3D Scanning  |  Desktop 3D Printing  |  Desktop CNC




Understand the 3D Printing market place & technologies available

Carbon Fibre is changing the face of 3D printing – learn how

Understand real world ROI and how 3D printing pays for itself quickly

Send us your CAD file to see us analyse it live at the event

Learn where to look for 3D Printing opportunities in your business

Replace costly metal parts on your shopfloor

CAD to 3D Print is simple – we show you how