3D Printed Digital Dentures

What are the Benefits of Printing your own Dentures?

Formlabs have released a new dental package specially aimed at creating dentures in-house. The Digital Denture package consists of two resins, one resin for the teeth (Denture Teeth Resin) and another resin for the gums (Denture Base Resin).
Dentists can now scan, model and produce customised dentures for their clients in house, reducing expenses on secondary suppliers and delivering their patients better results.

Using a standard dental scanner, scan the fully articulated poured model to gain virtual 3d information on the patients teeth.


Import the data into a CAD software, then design the denture digitally


Prepare the files on formlabs slicing software, Preform. Print the teeth and denture base separately


Insert the teeth in the denture base, apply some excess resin in-between the contact surfaces. Using the formlabs UV cure, set the resin so that the parts are bonded together.


Use standardised dental equipment to polish and buff the dentures to achieve a professional finish


How can adopting formlabs printers into your workflow boost efficiency?


At a Lower Cost

Using formlabs printers enables low cost production, the hardware is affordable and enables for expansion of your dental practice without large overhead costs.

The models produced are accurate, long lasting and of high quality. Take the process into your own hands by enabling in-house printing.


Uses Traditional Tooling

The workflow is intuitive and requires tooling that is already commonly found within dental practices.

The process is easy, simple and gives you, the dentist, more control over the final outcome of the dentures. For more information on the process see the formlabs website:

Custom Teeth

To Suit all Patients Needs

Printing all dentures in-house enables for easy remakes to done, mistakes can be corrected quickly and dentists are more hands on in the process.

The dentures created are truly custom teeth, unlike the pre-manufactured dentures purchased from secondary suppliers. The dentures will be completely patient-specific.

Digital Denture formlabs

Pricing and Expected Return

Have a look at an overview of the benefits of digital dentures

Print time and cost

Denture Teeth:

$3-5 a part

Up to 8 dentures teeth sets per print ~ 5h

Denture Base:

$5-7 a part

Up to 8 dentures teeth sets per print ~ 10h

Low cost and Fast Return

7 Week Return

By bringing the removable department digital, dental labs can expand production without massive costs. A formlabs denture costs 80% less in materials than a traditional denture (denture cards/acrylic).

Your investment is expected to break even in 7 weeks

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