Dell Precision Workstations

Discover our top-tier mobile and desktop workstations from Dell, specifically designed to excel in CAD and related CAE applications, with a keen focus on Dassault Systèmes solutions and 3D Printing and Scanning software.

It may not be as simple as simply spending more. We benchmark systems using real engineering data to ensure the best performance for your workflows, improving your engineering teams efficiency.

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Desktop Workstations

Improve your engineering teams efficiency with our selection of Dell Precision Desktop Workstations.


Mobile Workstations

Ensure the best performance for your workflows whilst on the move with our Dell Precision Laptop Workstations.


Monitors & Accessories

Enhance your workstation by complementing it with our range of Dell monitors, docking stations, and other accessories.

Dell Precision Desktop Workstations

We have partnered with Dell for many years for our own use and also providing workstations to our clients who benefit from the discounts we receive together with the reassurance that it will be ideally specified and certified for a range of CAD, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning solutions.

If you need further advice on the correct specification please contact our expert team.

Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision mobile workstations offer unmatched performance and precision for CAD, 3D printing, and 3D scanning tasks. Their powerful processors and graphics cards ensure seamless handling of complex designs, while their portability enables productivity on the go.

Reliable and efficient, these laptops enhance creativity and productivity for professionals in the design and manufacturing industry.

Monitors & Accessories

Dell’s monitors and accessories are the ideal choice for CAD engineers and designers. With high-performance display technology, they bring designs to life with vibrant colours and precise resolutions.

The seamless integration with other devices streamlines workflows, enhancing both productivity and creativity. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, Dell monitors provide the perfect tools to optimise your workspace and unlock your full creative potential.




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