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Corona Virus: Groups that are 3D Printing Face Shields

In this blog post we discuss the 3D Printed facemasks groups and how you can help.

Neil Sewell

March 30, 2020

Did you know every Corona Virus patient will require, on average, 10 disposable face shields per day?

We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us to ask how they can help with 3D printing face shields. Where we are sending headbands, who’s organising it and where they can get PetG sheets from.

There are many groups forming and looking for help and this is evolving rapidly. Some groups are now set up and taking deliveries. Other have been overwhelmed and taking a pause to work out how best to organise all the goodwill out there.

we thought it would be easier to put all the information we are aware of into 1 post which we will update with new information as we get it.

Uk Government Guidance

This is well worth reading before you sign up to help as it provides useful information regarding the supply of these 3D Printed devices.

Our Guide to 3D Printing Face Shields

Please follow this link for our best practice techniques & step by step guide to follow when 3D printing these files.

Solid Print3D LinkedIn Group

This is the LinkedIn group for our customers who are printing the Prusa RC3 Headbands. We expect to receive (at minimum) around 1,000 per day currently. We have a downstream sterilization and assembly partner and we welcome everyone to get involved!

If you want to post us your 3D Printed Head bands for sterilization and assembly, please post to:

  • Solid Print3D
  • Building 500
  • Abbey Park
  • Warks
  • CV8 2LY

Video below with further details from our friend Neil @

The Best Design

In our opinion the best design we have seen is the Prusa Rc3 design. This is a 4 hr printer per band but is the easiest to wear and the most robust.


The Quickest Design To 3D Print

This design from 3D Verkstan prints in a round 20 minutes but isn’t as comfortable to wear and moves around quite a bit.

Verkstan facemask

3D Crowd are looking for volunteers to 3D printing face shields and volunteers to deliver face shields. You can sign up on the website.

You support their GoFundMe here.

National 3D Printing Society

This is a great place to register as it is a well co-ordinated national effort by the body representing many 3D Printing enthusiasts and students.

The Medical & Dental Effort for 3D Printing Parts

A community of over 13,000 digital dentists and Technicians who have 3D Printing capabilities we could produce parts for the front line in the fight against COVID-19

Slack Group 1 – COVID-19_Volunteers_UK

This Slack group has over 230 printers available to it. Feel free to join the group and offer your services.

London Hackspace

A London-centric design group looking to help & print facemasks for health workers in the local area.

Scotland/ Highlands Face Mask Production

A Scottish Slack Group looking to centralise production & distribution from Glasgow

Midlands Face Shield Group

3P Innovation are leading the efforts of many companies with 3D printers in the Midlands to produce the face shields. They will take care of the assembly, cleaning & delivery to final destination and are looking for people to produce the headbands. Solid print3D are currently working with 3P and our group of 3D printing volunteers.

You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign for 3P Innovation here.

PETG Sheets

We are currently sourcing our 0.5mm PETG sheets from here and pay around £3 per sheet.

What Else Can I do?

Don’t Have a 3D Printer But I Still Want To Help! Many of these groups need help with logistics, distribution, cleaning, social media, reaching out to hospitals, surgeries & health workers etc and all help is appreciated across these channels.

If you do have a 3D printer we suggest you join our LinkedIn group and start printing the Prusa RC3 design.

Alternatively you can reach out to local health groups in your area. You can call surgeries and look around social media for groups that have been set up by doctors or to support doctors in this time. If you are interested in purchasing your own 3D Printers to help you can do that by browsing our range of printers with the entry level point being a Sindoh Dp200.

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